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ESCAPADE combines everything you love about escape rooms with the thrill of treasure hunts and has created epic
“outdoor escape rooms”
You’ll solve clues, complete puzzles, and interact with actors in
fully immersive games that will take you around Reading town centre, and beyond!

There's two games to play

On TheRun

You’ve just broken out of Reading Prison. Now you’re a fugitive on the run!

You have two hours to solve clues and complete puzzles that’ll take you all over Reading. Your goal - find the extraction point before time runs out to secure your freedom.   

But hey, nobody said being on the run was easy, right? So, let's kick it up a notch!

Just 45 minutes after you step off prison soil, the guards will begin to hunt you down! And, let me tell you, they’ll stop at nothing to end your time on the run!

Can your team evade capture and reach the extraction point before time runs out? Book now to find out.

Note: running is not required to complete this game.

Mafia Town



There’s been a murder.

Kurt Tan’s career was on the rise, but now he’s taken a great fall and landed centre stage. Dead.

Three suspects have emerged, but whodunnit?

Gather your fellow sleuths and join us for an outdoor murder mystery game where you’re the detective!

You have two hours to crack the clues, solve the puzzles, talk to actors, and gather up the evidence that is hidden all over the town.

Can your team expose the killer before time runs out? Book now to find out.

  • So how does it work?
    As you would with an escape room, please turn up at the starting location at the time you booked. Then you'll be signed in and the details of the game will be explained to you. As this is an outdoor escape room, you won't be going into a physical room, instead you'll be let loose on Reading town centre! You'll have 2 hours to complete escape room style puzzles in order to earn clues that'll take you on a treasure hunt style experience all over Reading. You'll encounter a mixture of locked boxes, phone based puzzles, paper puzzles as well as interacting with actors based on the theme of the game you're playing.
  • How much does it cost?
    Tickets cost £20 per person. Escapade is a two-hour experience and with a traditional indoor escape room, you'd pay a similar price for just one hour of play. But, with us you get two hours for the price of one! Ready to book? Click here
  • Are the games weather dependent?
    No, games will go ahead come rain or shine. As you know with British weather, we can have all four seasons in one day so please come prepared for all weather types. However, when a weather warning is issued for strong winds, torrential rain or extreme heat we may have to reschedule or cancel your booking.
  • How many can be in my team?
    There are no limits on team size, but we think the perfect team consists of no more than five people. This ensures all team members get to actively take part and nobody is left feeling like a spare part. If you've got a big group that would like to take part, we'd suggest breaking up into multiple teams. A little friendly competition never hurts, right? Also, if the date you would like to book is filled up or there are not enough spaces for your teammates, just drop us a message below and we'll see if we can sort something out for you.
  • Is there a minimum age to take part?
    Yes, the minimum age to take part is ten years old.
  • Does my carer need to purchase a ticket?
    No. If you require the assistance of a carer, they can attend the game for free. However, please could you or your carer notify us prior to the game so that we know to expect one extra person.
  • Are these games accessible for individuals who use wheelchairs and have mobility challenges?
    Yes. Both games were designed with the needs of individuals facing mobility challenges in mind so all the locations you will visit, both indoors and outdoors, will be fully accessible.
  • Is this a brand new game?
    Yes, Death at the Theatre is a brand new game for 2024.
  • Is this content of this game suitable for children?
    We believe so. It does not feature any elements of horror, gore, or dark themes that could potentially disturb or upset young participants. Of course every child is unique, so if you have any questions or concerns regarding the content of the game, please don't hesitate to reach out to us.
  • Where do we meet you to start this game?
    Meet us in the Abbey Ruins in the spot known as the "chapter house" - the exact spot will be confirmed in your booking confirmation email. Please note, in some instances the starting location may need to be changed. If this happens, you will be informed of this via email.
  • Is running involved in On The Run?
    Nope. You should be able to complete the game within 2 hours by walking. An occasional brisk walking pace will help though.
  • I played "On The Run" in 2023 - is this the exact same game?
    Yes, more or less.
  • Where do we meet you to start this game?
    Only in the best spot to start going on the run -- right outside the prison walls! Meet us out the back of Reading Prison along Chestnut Walk. A member of the team will be there to greet you and tell you all you need to know.

"The clues and trail were great, the added jeopardy of being spotted was a really neat touch, and everybody in the team was able to be useful."


"The attention to detail was great and the puzzles and clues were really engaging. All of my interactions with the actors were great and they really took to their roles."

"So much fun! Really exciting and immersive experience. The actors and storyline made it all the more exciting, especially meeting the mafia boss. Would definitely recommend!."

"We absolutely loved the experience, a well thought out game, that kept us engaged the whole time!"

"A brilliant event, we really enjoyed it - a really nice mix of clue hunting, text/online interaction and in person interaction!"

"[On The Run] was like the biggest game of hide and seek I’ve ever played, with puzzles! My family absolutely loved it.."


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