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Mafia boss arrested in Reading

By Lochlan Key

 17th Oct 2022

Antonio Berraducci, 40, was arrested in the early hours of this morning following a raid on his Caversham Heights property.

Mr Berraducci, head of the Berraducci crime family,  is wanted for several crimes, including protection racketeering, media manipulation, extortion, and multiple murders. Thames Valley police have also detained fourteen other individuals with connections to the organised crime syndicate, including Maxine McKay, editor-in-chief of the Berkshire Bulletin. The Bulletin does not wish to make comment at this time.

don's house.webp
Residence of Mr Berraducci

“This organisation has plagued Reading for far too long.” Chief of Police, Alison Goddard, has said, “I would like to thank our devoted police force who have worked tirelessly to secure the vital evidence needed to ensure this criminal organisation are locked away for a long time.”

Berraducci had served eight years in prison previously, being released in December 2016, according to media reports, after which he is alleged to have taken over the family's operations. Berraducci expanded his operations into Reading in January 2022.

Goddard went on to say, “The evidence we have collected has exposed a vast network of corruption and further investigations will need to be carried out. This is just the beginning of restoring some sense of normality to Reading.” 

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