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*Report filed at 3pm on the day Kurt was murdered*

Incident Details:

Today at approximately 2.45pm, a workplace incident occurred at Theatre Royale involving staff member Jake Spear.

Mr Spear reported that he had lost his phone and suspected that it may have fallen down a gap in the stage floor. In an attempt to retrieve his phone, Mr. Spear proceeded to check the gap by reaching his hand into the space beneath the stage.

During this action, Mr. Spear's hand came into contact with a sharp protrusion within the gap, resulting in a minor abrasion to his hand.

Actions Taken:

First aid was administered to Mr. Spear to clean and dress the abrasion on his hand.

Mr. Spear was escorted to the staff room where he was provided with a comfortable place to rest and recover for an hour.

The area around the stage gap was checked, no phone was discovered, and the area was then secured, and caution tape was placed to prevent access until further inspection and appropriate safety measures could be implemented.

A thorough inspection of the stage area and the gap where the incident occurred was conducted to identify any hazards or safety concerns that may have contributed to the incident.


Encourage staff to report any safety concerns or hazards promptly to management for evaluation and remediation.

Incident Report Prepared By: Aidan Cure,

First Aider, Theatre Royale

Next challenge! Continue walking down Minster Street, pass the bus stops, towards the Oracle entrance. With John Lewis at your back, look for the plaque below. Text the helpline what the plaque says. 

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